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Au son des voix et des percussions, A Hue et à Dia investit la scène pour une danse à travers prairies et montagnes. Que l’on soit en quête de nourriture ou parti faire paître les bêtes, le chant accompagne diverses transhumances. Les cinq chanteuses nous embarquent pour une traversée sonore à travers les frontières et le temps. Des mélodies centenaires en provenance d'Albanie, de Madagascar, d'Ukraine, de Serbie, d'Italie, de France ou du Rwanda prennent une forme résolument moderne, puissante, sensible.


Ces chants traditionnels et compositions originales racontent une histoire, forment des tableaux mouvants, colorés, puissants. Ils ouvrent des parenthèses où s'engouffrent peines et douleurs, rêves, errances et joies.

Pour créer ce spectacle, les 5 interprètes ont rencontré des femmes et des hommes de pays et de tradition très différents. Ces derniers leur ont appris des chants et transmis un bout de leur culture. Ce sont ces rencontres qu’elles partagent avec le public.

Transhumances - created in 2018

This musical show focuses on the place of singing in every day life. A Hue et à Dia invites us to explore all the musical traditions in the daily acts of ordinary lives in their liveliest and mostinvigorating expression. 

An invitation to live every day without routine, ordinary life without boredom. A Hue et à Dia takes us on a journey of sound across borders, across time, in a voyage within ourselves. Traditional songs and original compositions form moving, colourful and powerful paintings, some times troubled. The voice like a bubble of air, a valve. A space of freedom. 

"Transhumances" is a show composed of 15 pieces and lasts about one hour 15 minutes. Based on our first show, it is an extension with an increasingly personal musical approach. 


Elsa Bader

Julie Fandi

Alexandrine Guédron

Leïla Harmi-Meistermann

Claire Robert

Director : Roberto Graiff

Lighting : Eric Trépin

Sound : Romain Muller

Support : DRAC, Strasbourg Eurométropole, Le Point d'Eau (Ostwald, France). 

The show was performed for the first time in the autumn of 2018, at the Salle du Point d'Eau in Ostwald, following a residency on its premises. 

Song rooted in everyday life

Through this new show, we want to convey, in our own way, the deep foothold of singing in everyday life. For centuries, the rural world has followed the rhythm of the seasons, and in turn the songs follow this seasonal rhythm.

Traditional songs punctuate the breath, they set the pace, blur the distances, open parentheses where hardship and pain, dreams and wonderings are engulfed.

We choose songs that move us deeply. We reclaim them, transform them, mix our compositions and improvisations.

Plunging into these melodies and rhythms is intense and invigorating for us and for the audience. Fractions of life explode to the sound of drums, voices, and moments of silence, all permeable.

These songs flood the space to make room for joy. They are the expression of life par excellence.

Oral transmission

For us, it is essential that these songs tell a story. We choose them for what they evoke in us, by their melodies, lyrics and rhythms. Often they are the result of people we have met and we do our utmost to learn by oral transmission.

With each song we receive a piece of life, a part of culture. A precious gift.

For this show, we met men and women from very different countries and cultures. This transmission creates exchanges which enrich us beyond the song itself.

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